What it does

Android application for a Danish transport company. The app is used by truck drivers to send reports of the goods they carry and their state. It supports 6 languages and have different type of reports (text and image). It can work offline, storying the reports on the device and send them later when internet connection is available. Implemented in Appcelerator Titanium (Javascript) the application uses REST APIs for client server communication. 

Business initiatives

KBL wanted a mobile application for their truck drivers


Simple and easy to use, perfect for drivers with a tight schedule

project management

We guided our customer from initial planning and design through engineering and construction

Dev System

Cross Platform mobile development for faster implementation, write once run anywhere


We provide long term support for the products you build with us

What we did

  • Mobile Android application for truck drivers to send different types of reports
  •  Store data offline if no internet connection is available and send it later on
  • Back office application to manage company fleet
  • Handle reports
  • Notifications
  • Multi level access
  • Client accounts

What they achieved

  • Installed the Android application on more than 300 smartphones
  • Speed up report management
  • Better reports
  • Better communications with their clients

Tech Stack

Appcelerator, PHP, REST APIs, Angular Js, jQuery